The warbler comes a visiting

The city of Pune still has some greenery and the Vetal Tekdi and Taljai Hills right in the middle of the city which attract a lot of migratory birds such as this warbler to spend their time here. A classic example of urban birding and why we need to protect our open forested hill spaces and the green cover.

This bird arrives every year around November, and makes for an absorbing watch. It makes a soft tchk.. tchk.. sound while going about its business of feeding on the acacia trees near my home. Shy bird and does not come out clearly into the open. Overall look slim. Pinkish beak. Possible ids were Sykes, Blyths, Booted. Expert opinion has narrowed it down to Blyths Reed warbler.  Apparently its posture as well as a distinctly seen supercilium strengthen the case of its identification as such.

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