A windfall of seeds

Pre-monsoon showers are glorious drizzle, cloudy skies, occasional gusts of wind that bend trees in all directions. The outcome is a quantity of seed pods, leaves, and flowers fallen on the ground.

Here are some of the pods I picked up on such a recent occasion. Such diversity in shape, size and weight. Each one must have a separate dispersal strategy based on its unique features. The longest seed pod (dark and rod shaped) is of cassia or laburnum and measured more than 1.5 feet. The smallest one is of tamarind and is barely 1 inch across. Then there are the flat papery seeds from monkey biscuit tree. The two beanlike seeds are from Pongamia (karanj).

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  1. Your brief words make the most mundane unobserved things come alive, Alaka. Keep writing !