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Stray dogs

Dog examining garbage for something to eat
Strays have found new seating: The tops of parked cars

A pack of strays: strength in unity


Fungi in my plant pot

One morning as I trimmed the vigorously growing mint in one of the pots in the balcony these interesting looking fungi showed themselves. Had been quietly flourishing for atleast a few weeks if not more. Would be nice if someone knows more about them. Is it alright to have them growing around a food plant (mint, which we eat) or are they poisonous and to be exterminated? 

A friend observes that I am lucky to have them and it's not so easy to grow such things intentionally. Well! 


The Bulbul and the mirror

Every year around April-May the red whiskered Bulbuls arrive. From their overall behavior it appears to be their breeding season. There is an old unoccupied house, which one particular pair seems to like. The balcony has a mirror. One Bulbul in particular seems to like watching itself in the mirror. It also flies up and down a few times and stares at the reflection. Then it flies away. It does this at least few times everyday. I have been observing this for the last 2 years. 

Photos are not great in terms of clarity due to the distance and an ordinary camera. Taken for record. What is of interest here is the behavior of this bird.