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Bird feeder from coconut shell

Created a bird feeder from a coconut shell and hung it outside.

How I made it: 
 The first thing was to break a coconut so that only a kind of one-fourth came away rather than a full half. That happened as a statistic ( we use a lot of fresh coconuts and break them at home). One turned out the way I wanted.
After scraping it thoroughly, the next step was to push a hole with a sharp implement through the soft 'eye' portion.
Then came the thick string inserted through the hole, which I have taken double and knotted at three points to give stiffness and a bit more play so it does not untie or break due to little pressure.
I also sandpapered the edge of the shell near the string so that it does not get cut once birds do start sitting and putting pressure on it.
There! you can also do this with half shell, except you may need to drill holes at the sides as the eyes would be at the bottom.

Now await the birds! Have heard that it takes a few weeks at times for them to come close, so patience till then! 

Reduce Reuse Recycle

I have always admired the perfectly moulded cardboard cylinders one finds at the heart of a toilet paper roll. Here is a penstand I created using these inner tubes. Better than just throwing them away. 

You need to use a minimum three to provide balance and support. Stick them with fevicol. Paint it in colors of your choice. Hey presto! you have a colorful penstand of your own! Keeps my art brushes upright and in good condition too.


Ready to eat!

The tomatoes that I had mentioned in one of my previous posts ripened and turned an inviting red. Photo taken before removing them from the plant. Tasted delicious!

Feels good when something you've tried out succeeds. Small steps but give great joy.
Good news is there are more on the way. Fingers crossed.