Mushrooming beauties

A monsoon walk pays rich dividends in terms of spotting a variety of fungi. Here are some, found in Pune city:



Came across this pink tabebuiea in full flower on a street side. Sometimes you just want to look at a tree, a flower, a spider's web, an insect, without wanting to know its name. Watching its intricate structure, the delicate layers of colors unfolding as you get drawn into its world is reward enough. 

This particular tree looked like it was wearing its joy on its branches.  

Tree time again!

February in Pune is the season for cool crispy mornings, blossoming trees, and since last year, conducting tree walks for the Virasat Pune festival. Some photos of the tree walk we conducted for it this year. The kids especially enjoyed the walk so much that they told me they planned to speak about the walk in their school class.