A dead branch

A dead branch has its uses.

When orchids cling to it
and vines twine
lovingly around it.

And where would the mushrooms
and other assorted fungi live,
if not on rotting wood?

A myriad number of insects
seek refuge in its crevices
away from the prying gaze
of an inquisitive winged hunter.

Even a dead branch, has its uses.

(c) Alaka


Indian Hog Plum

Known in Marathi as Ambada, a specimen tree is found in Pune in the vicinity of Law College. Native to the tropical Americas, the fruit pulp is either eaten fresh or made into juice, concentrate, jellies, and sherbets.

Spondias mombin


Hirwaee track in winter

Some of the flowers and fruits growing on the Hirwaee track in Deccan area:

Murraya Paniculata aka Orange Jasmine

Murud sheng
Awala, Indian Gooseberry, Phyllanthus emblica