The urban kingfisher

Kingfishers are not uncommon where I live. These days they even come and perch on cable and electricity wires high up in the sky and from there make their shrill calls.

Often I have seen a fisher meditating on a low branch next to a pond take a sudden swoop into the water. It emerges in a jiffy with a flash of turquoise, triumphant, a fish in its beak. Today was more interesting. This particular specimen was perched on a cable wire near a tarred road. Suddenly it swooped down low on to the road surface, picked up something in its beak and went back to its original wiry perch. Just another example of how birds adapt to the urban environment.

(Photo clicked elsewhere by me)


The drinking wasp

As summer set in I decided to keep some water in a bowl for the birds. While the birds have not turned up yet, I found something interesting. A wasp kept visiting the bowl. It would alight on the edge of the bowl and then creep down to the edge of the water, stay for a few seconds, then climb back to the edge and fly off. Watched this for quite a while and then took some snaps.



Fried eggs anyone?

Oncoba Spinosa, also known as Fried Egg tree. Member of the Willow family, a healthy specimen of this flourishes in Pune.