Mogra or Jasmine

Come summer and the lanes around the peths of Pune often hear the cry of 'mogra ala mogra!' The voice usually belongs to a man with a pushcart filled to the brim with white fragrant jasmine flowers for sale.

Ladies love this flower for making garlands or 'gajra' which they wind around their plaited hair.

The specimen here is slightly different with longer petals than those normally on the flowers that are sold. It is a variety of climber mogra.

It is one of life's little pleasures to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning with the sweet smelling mogra plant in bloom.


  1. :) Al, its a lovely blog... please keep blogging. I'm so glad you're enjoying all this. I envy you.


  2. Hey , very nice blog, and a lovely photograph too. How did you took that picture, or was it photoshoped ??

  3. Beautiful photograph. I can almost smell the fragrance.

  4. Thanks all..

    @Hrushikesh, yes, I use image editing at times.