The retiring gardener

Recently while wandering thru' Univ, a beautiful bright yellow blossoming tree caught my eye. As I aimed the camera to click, I heard a voice from behind, "Try from here.. this is a better angle". I turned to look. A face that spoke of hours spent outdoors. "This is Tabebuiea... On enquiring about a few other species, his face lit up as he indicated other plants. "I have been here for 40 years now." This was Kisan Sandhere, the current head gardener there, on the verge of retirement. After noting my interest in plants, he launched into a story about gardening, landscaping, and his work in general. "I have cured many plants of diseases. I just ask the tree what has happened to it, and it tells me." This was certainly a man who the plants trusted!

After chatting for a while I told him that I had to leave. "Do come for my retirement function, on xx date. It will happen right there" he said, indicating a patch of well tended lawn. My best wishes to Mr.Sandhere and may the garden in his life continue to bloom.

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