Vegetable waste composting

This is an update on my previous post on this blog about wet waste composting in a balcony.
Currently there is a whole bucket purely made up of composting vegetation. Pea shells are put in directly. Pumpkin, banana peels have to be chopped a bit. Harbhara, methi stems, leafy veg stems have to be chopped. I don't use mixer grinder to crush the waste though some people do. Every week or so Yours Truly turns the waste in the bucket using a couple of stout sticks. A mucky job! J The rotting and ready compost at the bottom is what is put into the plant pot. Again, right now am not putting any soil into the bucket, but a thin layer once in a while is recommended.

If you are the impatient kind, then there are also bio products available to hasten composting. You can try looking for those at your local gardening centers.
Keeping the waste bucket in a sunlit area helps. Occasionally there are a few tiny ‘chilta’ (tiny brownish harmless flies) that sit on it but so far no smell. No rodents either.  

Bucket to which veg waste is added

Tomato plant pot to which composting veg waste is added

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