Vetal Tekdi - a bleak future?

Plans are afoot to create an Amusement Park on the Vetal Tekdi in Pune. A part of the much talked of Western Ghats of India noted for their biodiversity, this hill in the middle of  sprawling Pune city is an oasis of greenery and a haven for wildlife. The quarry is like a wetland, that fills up with rainwater and attracts migratory birds in winter. The hill sees many human visitors too every morning and evening- joggers and exercise freaks, nature lovers, kids out for fresh air and a hike. Most important is that people have free access to this hill. 

Well, you might ask, what is wrong with an amusement park?
1. The Amusement park will bring 3 motorable roads up to this hill from 2 different sides. 
2. These roads will bring vehicles in droves, with their exhaust fumes.
3. Their will be cement concrete constructions in the guise of hotels, administration blocks,  and so on.
4. As is found in most Indian 'tourist' places, the bhel and chai and souvenir joints will come up, with all their dirt and blaring radios.
5. This would actually lead to a lot more traffic jams in the approach roads to this hill in the surrounding areas.
6. The current wildlife and natural beauty would vanish altogether with such massive encroachment.

Most ordinary citizens are shocked when they hear of this. Let us hope that better sense prevails with the Pune Municipal Administration and our city planners.
Common Wood shrike - Vetal Tekdi

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