parakeets and mynas

Every year around June - July, a drama unfolds near my home.

The characters in this drama:

Common Myna – somewhat smaller in size than the parakeet. Equally raucous and a chatterbox.

Rose Ringed Parakeet – A noisy raucous bird often found in cities of India. Lives in gregarious flocks. Loves the eating fruits of sonchafa (michelia champaka) tree.

The coveted nesting place – a small pipe hole in a building wall. A piece of prime property in the avian kingdom!

Every year without fail the mynas use this hole for nesting. Every year around June, I see atleast one Myna chick - unsure of itself, trying to take its first wing flaps. The adult Mynas anxiously sit nearby, alternately trying to coax it and push it to fly.

Around the same time, the parakeets arrive. They are fond of the fleshy champaka (sonchafa) fruits which are a beautiful red from inside. The parakeets have also spotted this hole as suitable for nesting.

For a few days there is a fight between the mynas and the parakeets over the pipe hole. The parakeets eventually manage to drive away the mynas and take control of the nesting place.

Reminds me of a certain old Hindi film song :-)


  1. Am glad you started this. I love birds... I have plans of starting a pune blog but on different lines.. *wink wink*

    Didi i tell you i bought a new Canon 400D? :)

  2. V, glad you're glad :)

    You did! when do I get to see the pics from your cam?